Moto dell'arte

General Consulate of Italy
from 16-11-2022
to 17-11-2022

"The Motion of the Art" proposes a reflection on motion based on the consideration of movement as a life-bearing soul. 

The exhibition aims to pay homage to the Italian workforce, which has always been a symbol of excellence and creativity, by including iconic Italian motorcycles and works of art that are the result of technological and stylistic research.

Neither the many centaurs, nor the artists, let alone the curators, can be exempt from the fascination that Motorcycles can exert and will dialogue with works by Italian artists from Tony Costa to Valerio Adami, from Zappettini to Spagnoli, whose works blend with the culture of the period in which they were created providing a key to understanding and making Motorcycles a cross-cultural and educational phenomenon.


Primo Marella Gallery
Studio Legale Cugini
Primae Noctis - Art Gallery