The “Stelva Artist in Residence” program was created with the objective of inviting to Europe selected artists from other continents for a certain period, by providing them with a studio far from their usual activities and obligations.

The artists will have the opportunity to think, to do applied research on their way to express themselves in a stimulating environment and totally different from theirs, coming into contact with people who belong to different cultures, creating an important cultural exchange, establishing new contacts, increasing their international relations, benefiting from artistic influences.

Desenzano del Garda, in the center of gravity between Brescia, Verona and Mantua, halfway between Milan and Venice, a few hours away from Florence and Rome is a tourist town located on Lake Garda, served by rail lines that allow you to move quickly through countless important and significant cultural destinations, in which you can breathe thousands of years of Italic culture. Desenzano del Garda is located at the foot of the moraine hills and all around you can visit beautiful sites with castles and medieval villages.

The studio overlooking the lake will make for the artist possible to reflect on his art and at the same time the proximity to Milan and Venice will allow him to be in touch with the most dynamic cities of Europe, not only in the artistic field.

With Shi Xinning we are at the second edition, and we note with satisfaction that the interest and appreciation of the friends and fans of art that follow us is increasing. We are confident that over time "Stelva Artists in Residence" will grow by contributing more and more to the cultural exchange with the countries from which the artists participating in the initiative come and we hope that also in Desenzano del Garda, as well as in Lugano, it will remain a seed as well as a sign of their passage.

The presentation of the pieces of work will take place in Switzerland, one of the two countries in the world where it is officially spoken the language Italian, so promoting a cultural exchange between Italy and Switzerland and giving a further stimulus to the artist who will have a chance to spend and live a stay also in Switzerland.

With the opening in the coming years of the basic railway of S. Gotthard, the territory of Insubria and large urban centers located at north of the Alps such as Zurich, Basel and Lugano will come further near to Milan and Desenzano del Garda and we like to think that "Stelva Artist in Residence" could somehow strengthen these cultural relations by encouraging the "smuggling" of ideas.

Special thanks to the sponsors who have enabled us to implement this initiative and to the fans who are supporting us.

Gianvirgilio Cugini

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