Mens sana, negotia prospera

General Consulate of Italy
from 15-05-2024
to 15-05-2024

Recognizing the value of art within the workplace and implementing artistic initiatives as part of welfare policies aimed at promoting trust and satisfaction among employees is a competitive market factor. Numerous academic studies have shown that working in an aesthetically pleasing and stimulating environment can help reduce stress and increase employee productivity.

The exhibition "Mens sana, negotia prospera" thus offers us a reflection on the connection between art and business, which promotes creativity and innovation, generating totally unexpected synergies and combinations. In this scenario, the artwork emerges as a privileged tool to foster a sense of global and multicultural corporate belonging, encouraging openness towards the "other" and the "new." This drive to "go beyond," typical of art, has always inspired humans with ideas and emotions.

It is also possible to access the exhibition in an immersive mode within the Metamuseo Stelva by clicking the following link:

Primae Noctis - Art Gallery
Studio Legale Cugini
Primo Marella Gallery