Ruben Pang @ Meccaniche della Meraviglia

MO.CA Makers Hub
from 24-02-2018 18:30
to 18-04-2018

In occasion of the twelfth edition of Meccaniche della Meraviglia Ruben Pang, the artist from Singapore who had participated in the first edition of Artist in Residence in Desenzano del Garda, has been entrusted with a free theme to be developed. 

Ruben specifically for this exhibition, has intended to create a work that would address the poignant questions of our times: immigration, globalization, the “other” and the “next”. The questions of the future: futurism, imagination, faith, hope, technology as our only savior? The predictions of the past: authoritarianism, fear of freedom.
In embarking on this project the artist wants to fulfill a few goals.
This proposal of contemporary art exhibitions, launched on 2003, in collaboration with the Province of Brescia and various municipal administrations. In the 12th past editions, the shows have been set up in particularly prestigious architectural spaces, such as castles, palaces, churches, industrial archaeological sites and real archaeological sites, with the aim to introduce and enhance some emblematic places of the territory where the event takes place.
The idea is simple and exemplary and has kept intact its ability to surprise the viewer: bringing plastic installations to place "wonderfully" in unusual places and reinvent it, both the work itself and the architectural, urbanistic or landscape context that welcomes it.
This year, for the second time, the old town centre of Brescia will be the background of the project. 
Four emblematic places of our city, are occupied by the artists with the aim of making them better known and valued. 
Visitors are invited to the simultaneous discovery between present and past.
Primo Marella Gallery
Studio Legale Cugini
Primae Noctis - Art Gallery